§ 1 Definitions
§ 2 Application of chapter
§ 3 Individual and small group plans; group base premium rate; filing plan with connector; investigation of deviations from group base premium rate
§ 4 Carriers to make health benefit plans available; renewal of plans
§ 5 Exclusion of eligible individuals
§ 6 Approval of health insurance policies; eligibility criteria; submission of information; approval of changes to small group product base rates or rating factors
§ 7 Disclosure by carriers
§ 8 Transitional reinsurance program
§ 9 Continuous coverage
§ 10 Young adult health benefit plans; coverage requirements; premiums
§ 11 Reduced or selective network plans; tiered network plans; smart tiering plans
§ 11A Continuing coverage for active course of treatment for serious disease begun prior to enrollment in reduced or selective network plan or tiered network plan
§ 12 Small business group purchasing cooperatives; regulations governing establishment, oversight and certification
§ 13 Filing of health benefit plan proposals for consideration upon request of group purchasing cooperative
§ 14 Coverage of medically necessary and covered services otherwise unavailable within carrier’s provider network
§ 15 Display by insurer offering tiered network plan of cost-sharing differences for enrollees in various tiers in promotional and agreement material
§ 16 Attribution of members to a primary care provider
§ 17 Disclosure of patient-level data and contracted prices of individual health care services by carriers to providers

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