A funeral representative designation is revoked by 1 or more of the following:

(a) Unless a successor funeral representative has been designated, any of the following:

Terms Used In Michigan Laws 700.3206b

  • Decedent: A deceased person.
  • Funeral establishment: means that term as defined in section 1801 of the occupational code, 1980 PA 299, MCL 339. See Michigan Laws 700.1104
  • Funeral representative: means an individual designated to have the right and power to make decisions about funeral arrangements and the handling, disposition, or disinterment of a decedent's body, including, but not limited to, decisions about cremation, and the right to possess cremated remains of the decedent as provided in section 3206. See Michigan Laws 700.1104
  • Funeral representative designation: means a written document executed and with the effect as described in sections 3206 to 3206b. See Michigan Laws 700.1104
  • in writing: shall be construed to include printing, engraving, and lithographing; except that if the written signature of a person is required by law, the signature shall be the proper handwriting of the person or, if the person is unable to write, the person's proper mark, which may be, unless otherwise expressly prohibited by law, a clear and classifiable fingerprint of the person made with ink or another substance. See Michigan Laws 8.3q
  • Successor: means a person, other than a creditor, who is entitled to property of a decedent under the decedent's will or this act. See Michigan Laws 700.1107

(i) The funeral representative’s resignation.

(ii) The funeral representative cannot be located after reasonable efforts by the decedent‘s family or funeral establishment.

(iii) The funeral representative refuses to act within 48 hours after receiving notice of the decedent’s death.

(b) The declarant’s revocation of the funeral representative designation. The declarant’s revocation of the funeral representative designation must be in writing and signed in the manner as provided in section 3206(2).

(c) A subsequent funeral representative designation that revokes the prior funeral representative designation either expressly or by inconsistency.