§ 18.421 Definitions
§ 18.422 Michigan justice training fund; creation; limitation; deposit of investment earnings; use of fund; undistributed funds
§ 18.423 Annual registration of law enforcement agencies; verification of officers and hours compensated; law enforcement distributions; installments; determination; minimum amount
§ 18.424 Law enforcement distribution funds; deposit; separate account; expenditure; purposes; conditions; limitation; distribution as supplement; time period; entity no longer in operation; distribution in vi
§ 18.424a Printed materials; statement
§ 18.425 Law enforcement distribution funds; records of revenues and expenditures; report; final accounting
§ 18.426 Grants; policies and procedures
§ 18.427 Expenditure of funds by grantee
§ 18.428 Grant award; records of revenues and expenditures; funds received from Michigan justice training fund
§ 18.428a Criminal justice in-service training courses; registration; report
§ 18.429 Audit of books, records, and accounts
§ 18.430 Rules