Act 236 of 1911 Condemnation by State
Act 149 of 1911 Acquisition of Property by State Agencies and Public Corporations
Act 87 of 1980 The Uniform Condemnation Procedures Act
Act 119 of 1919 Taking of Public Utility by City
Act 215 of 1925 Acquiring Railroad or Public Utility Right of Way for Trunk Line Highway
Act 352 of 1925 Acquiring Property for Highway Purposes
Act 190 of 1929 Acquiring Property for Boulevard, Street, or Alley
Act 140 of 1945 Acquisition of Overhead and Underground Rights
Act 379 of 1927 Service On Unknown Owners or Claimants in Condemnation Proceedings
Act 270 of 1931 Application of Condemnation Awards Against Taxes and Special Assessments
Act 288 of 1957 Taking Property of Public Hospital, College, or University
Act 227 of 1972 Relocation Assistance
Act 40 of 1965 Allowances for Moving Personal Property From Acquired Real Property
Act 295 of 1966 Acquisition of Property for Public Highways