Subdivision 1.Annual report required.

Each manufacturer of tobacco products sold in Minnesota shall provide the commissioner of health with an annual report, either on paper or by electronic means. The report shall be provided in a form and at a time specified by the commissioner, identifying, for each brand of such product, any of the following substances present in detectable levels in the product in its unburned state and if the product is typically burned when consumed, in its burned state:

Terms Used In Minnesota Statutes 461.17

(1) ammonia or any compound of ammonia;

(2) arsenic;

(3) cadmium;

(4) formaldehyde; and

(5) lead.

The form for annual reports under this section is not a rule for purposes of chapter 14, including section 14.386.

Subd. 2.Assistance to local governments.

Upon request, the commissioner shall provide a local government unit with a copy of reports filed under this section, to assist in the enforcement of local ordinances.

Subd. 3.Public data.

Reports under this section are public data.