§ 87A.01 Definitions
§ 87A.02 Shooting Range Performance Standards; Best Practices
§ 87A.03 Compliant Ranges; Authorized Activities
§ 87A.04 Mitigation Area
§ 87A.05 Noise Standards
§ 87A.06 Nuisance Actions; Compliance With Shooting Range Performance Standards
§ 87A.07 Closure of Shooting Ranges
§ 87A.08 Applicability of Other Laws
§ 87A.09 Public Shooting Ranges; Accessibility
§ 87A.10 Shooting Sports Facility Grants

Terms Used In Minnesota Statutes > Chapter 87A

  • Adult: means an individual 18 years of age or older. See Minnesota Statutes 645.451
  • Injunction: An order of the court prohibiting (or compelling) the performance of a specific act to prevent irreparable damage or injury.
  • Probable cause: A reasonable ground for belief that the offender violated a specific law.