160.805.  Articles of incorporation and bylaws — members, terms, staff — annual report. — 1.  The articles of incorporation and bylaws of the corporation shall provide that the purpose of the corporation is to create a more efficient and effective education system that more adequately prepares students for the challenges of entering the workforce.

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 2.  The board of directors of the corporation shall be composed of thirteen members.  The governor shall annually appoint one of its members, who shall be employed in the private sector, as chairperson.  The board shall consist of the following members:

 (1)  The director of the department of economic development;

 (2)  The commissioner of higher education;

 (3)  The chairperson of the coordinating board for higher education;

 (4)  The president of the state board of education;

 (5)  The chairperson of the coordinating board of early childhood;

 (6)  The commissioner of education;

 (7)  Seven members appointed by the governor.  Two members shall represent higher education institutions, one two-year institution and one four-year institution; two members shall represent elementary and secondary schools; two members shall represent the private, for-profit business sector; and one member shall represent an early childhood education provider.

 3.  Each member of the board of directors of the corporation appointed by the governor shall serve for a term of four years.  Of the directors initially appointed to the board of directors by the governor, two directors shall be designated by the governor to serve a term of four years, two directors shall be designated to serve a term of three years, two directors shall be designated to serve a term of two years, and one director shall be designated to serve a term of one year.  Thereafter, directors shall serve a term of four years.  Each director shall continue to serve until a successor is duly appointed by the governor.

 4.  The corporation may receive money from any source, may borrow money, may enter into contracts, and may expend money for any activities appropriate to its purpose.

 5.  The corporation may appoint staff and do all other things necessary or incidental to carrying out the functions listed in sections 160.800 to 160.820.

 6.  Any changes in the articles of incorporation or bylaws shall be approved by the governor.

 7.  The corporation shall submit an annual report to the governor and to the Missouri general assembly by the first day of November and shall include detailed information on the structure, operation, and financial status of the corporation.  The corporation shall conduct an annual public hearing to receive comments from interested parties regarding the report, and notice of the hearing shall be given at least fourteen days prior to the hearing.

 8.  The corporation shall be subject to an annual audit by the state auditor.  The corporation shall bear the full cost of the audit.