Terms Used In Missouri Laws 182.703

Urban public library districts may be created, upon the favorable vote of a majority of the residents of the nine director school district voting at an election held on any permissible election date.  The decision as to whether the issue of creation of a new urban public library district will be placed on the ballot must be made by a majority vote of the nine member board of directors of the urban school district.  The boundaries of any new urban public library district shall coincide with the respective nine director urban school district.  Upon creation of any such district, the new district shall be designated as successor to any public library system operated within such boundaries immediately preceding the date of the election, and shall be entitled to levy a property tax at the same rate as had been authorized pursuant to section 137.030 for operation of the public library by the nine director urban school district immediately prior to creation of the new urban public library district.  Effective the first calendar year after the election resulting in creation of the urban public library district, the nine director urban school district serving the same boundaries shall no longer be authorized to levy a tax for public library purposes.  The alteration of the boundaries of a nine director urban school district shall not affect the boundaries of any urban public library district created pursuant to sections 182.701 to 182.723.