210.155.  Division to provide programs and information — division to continuously inform persons required to report and public as to toll-free telephones available for abuse reports. — 1.  The division shall, on a continuing basis, undertake and maintain programs to inform all persons required to report abuse or neglect pursuant to sections 210.110 to 210.165 and the public of the nature, problem, and extent of abuse and neglect, and of the remedial and therapeutic services available to children and their families; and to encourage self-reporting and the voluntary acceptance of such services.  In addition, those mandated to report pursuant to this act shall be informed by the division of their duties, options, and responsibilities in accordance with this act.

 2.  The division shall conduct ongoing training programs in relation to sections 210.110 to 210.165 for agency staff.

 3.  The division shall continuously publicize to mandated reporters of abuse or neglect and to the public the existence and the number of the twenty-four hour, statewide toll free telephone service to receive reports of abuse or neglect.