Chapter 188 Regulation of Abortions
Chapter 189 Aid to Local Governmental Health Facilities
Chapter 190 Emergency Services
Chapter 191 Health and Welfare
Chapter 192 Department of Health and Senior Services
Chapter 193 Vital Statistics
Chapter 194 Death — Disposition of Dead Bodies
Chapter 195 Drug Regulations
Chapter 196 Food, Drugs and Tobacco
Chapter 197 Medical Treatment Facility Licenses
Chapter 198 Nursing Homes and Facilities
Chapter 199 Rehabilitation Center — Head Injury — Tuberculosis Testing and Commitment
Chapter 201 Children’s Special Health Care Needs Service
Chapter 204 Common Sewer Districts in Certain Areas
Chapter 205 County Health and Welfare Programs
Chapter 206 Hospital District Law
Chapter 207 Family Support Division and Children’s Division
Chapter 208 Old Age Assistance, Aid to Dependent Children and General Relief
Chapter 209 Disabilities Assistance, Aid to the Blind, and Rights of Persons with Visual, Hearing or Physical Disabilities
Chapter 210 Child Protection and Reformation
Chapter 211 Juvenile Courts
Chapter 213 Human Rights
Chapter 214 Cemeteries
Chapter 215 State Housing