1.  Any person who knowingly permits or aids any child to run away from an institution under the control of the division or conceals the child with intent of enabling him to elude pursuit is guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction, shall be punished as provided by law.

 2.  It shall be the duty of every law enforcement official, and any official who is designated by the division, to detain, with or without a warrant, any child who shall have run away from a facility and to hold him subject to the orders of the division.

Terms Used In Missouri Laws 219.061

  • Appropriation: The provision of funds, through an annual appropriations act or a permanent law, for federal agencies to make payments out of the Treasury for specified purposes. The formal federal spending process consists of two sequential steps: authorization
  • Child: a person under eighteen years of age. See Missouri Laws 219.011
  • Conviction: A judgement of guilt against a criminal defendant.
  • Damages: Money paid by defendants to successful plaintiffs in civil cases to compensate the plaintiffs for their injuries.
  • Division: the division of youth services (DYS). See Missouri Laws 219.011
  • Misdemeanor: Usually a petty offense, a less serious crime than a felony, punishable by less than a year of confinement.
  • person: may extend and be applied to bodies politic and corporate, and to partnerships and other unincorporated associations. See Missouri Laws 1.020
  • Property: includes real and personal property. See Missouri Laws 1.020
  • State: when applied to any of the United States, includes the District of Columbia and the territories, and the words "United States" includes such district and territories. See Missouri Laws 1.020

 3.  Disclosure of any information contained in the records of the division relating to any child committed to it shall be made only in accordance with regulations prescribed by the division, provided that such regulations shall provide for full disclosure of such information to the parents or guardians, or if they be out of this state to the nearest immediate relative of such child, upon reasonable notice and demand and to the child fatality review panel reviewing the death of a child pursuant to section 210.192. Any employee or officer of the division who shall communicate any such information in violation of any such regulations may be subject to immediate discharge.

 4.  For all damages to the division or to any property, real or personal, belonging thereto, actions may be maintained in the name of the division as such, and all damages levied in such actions shall be paid into the state treasury and, upon appropriation, shall be used by the division.