Terms Used In Missouri Laws 303.320

  • Director: director of revenue of the state of Missouri, acting directly or through his authorized officers and agents. See Missouri Laws 303.020
  • Mortgagee: The person to whom property is mortgaged and who has loaned the money.
  • Motor vehicle: a self-propelled vehicle which is designed for use upon a highway, except trailers designed for use with such vehicles, traction engines, road rollers, farm tractors, tractor cranes, power shovels, well drillers and motorized bicycles, as defined in section Missouri Laws 303.020
  • Owner: a person who holds the legal title to a motor vehicle. See Missouri Laws 303.020
  • Registration: registration certificate or certificates and registration plates issued under the laws of this state pertaining to the registration of motor vehicles. See Missouri Laws 303.020

If any owner‘s registration has been suspended hereunder, such registration shall not be transferred nor the motor vehicle in respect of which such registration was issued registered in any other name until the director is satisfied that such transfer of registration is proposed in good faith and not for the purpose or with the effect of defeating the purposes of this chapter.  Nothing in this section shall in any wise affect the rights of any conditional vendor, chattel mortgagee or lessor of a motor vehicle registered in the name of another as owner who becomes subject to the provisions of this section.