Terms Used In Missouri Laws 326.253

  • Professional: arising out of or related to the specialized knowledge or skills associated with certified public accountants. See Missouri Laws 326.256
  • this state: means the state of Missouri. See Missouri Laws 326.256

It is the policy of this state and the purpose of this chapter to promote the reliability of information that is used for guidance in financial transactions or for accounting for or assessing the financial status or performance of commercial, noncommercial and governmental enterprises.  The protection of the public interest requires that persons professing special competence in accountancy or offering assurance as to the reliability or fairness of presentation of such information shall have demonstrated their qualifications to do so, and that persons who have not demonstrated and maintained such qualifications not be permitted to represent themselves as having such special competence or to offer such assurance; that the conduct of persons licensed as having special competence in accountancy be regulated in all aspects of their professional work; that a public authority competent to prescribe and assess the qualifications and to regulate the conduct of certified public accountants be established; and that the use of titles that have a capacity or tendency to deceive the public as to the status or competence of the persons using such titles be prohibited.