1.  Upon written notice from a law enforcement officer indicating that property in the possession of a pawnbroker and subject to a hold order is needed for the purpose of furthering a criminal investigation and prosecution, the pawnbroker shall release the property subject to the hold order to the custody of the law enforcement officer for such purpose and the officer shall provide a written acknowledgment that the property has been released to the officer.  The release of the property to the custody of the law enforcement officer shall not be considered a waiver or release of the pawnbroker’s property rights or interest in the property.  Upon completion of the criminal investigation, the property shall be returned to the pawnbroker who consented to its release; except that if the law enforcement officer has not completed the criminal investigation within one hundred twenty days after its release, the officer shall immediately return the property to the pawnbroker or obtain and furnish to the pawnbroker a warrant for the continued custody of the property.

 2.  Except as provided in subsection 1 of this section, the pawnbroker shall not release or dispose of the property except pursuant to a court order or the expiration of the holding period of the hold order, including all extensions.

Terms Used In Missouri Laws 367.047