§ 204.250 Common sewer districts, where formed — establishment of common sewer ..
§ 204.251 Sewer subdistricts governed by provisions of this chapter
§ 204.252 Election to incur indebtedness, certification of results — issuance of ..
§ 204.253 Board of trustees, no power to levy taxes until approval
§ 204.254 Total amount of bonds limited — form of bonds — registration of bonds
§ 204.255 Secretary to certify costs — board to levy tax — collection and remittance ..
§ 204.256 Powers of board of trustees of common sewer district after creation of ..
§ 204.257 Advisory board for subdistrict, creation, members — may make recommendations
§ 204.260 Common sewer commissioners, when appointed, oath, authority, compensation — ..
§ 204.270 Report of commissioners, map or plan, where filed
§ 204.280 Election called by county commissions at direction of circuit court — ..
§ 204.290 District a body corporate and politic, when
§ 204.300 Trustees, how appointed, qualifications, expenses reimbursement, ..
§ 204.310 Advisory board, composition of — not required, when
§ 204.320 Board of trustees of common sewer districts, powers — board of trustees of ..
§ 204.322 Board of trustees, rules and regulations
§ 204.330 Board of trustees, duties — agreements as to manner of discharge — ..
§ 204.331 Subdistricts, how created — contract powers
§ 204.332 Subdistricts, how created, alternative method
§ 204.340 Board to have power of eminent domain — may cross, traverse or follow ..
§ 204.350 Contracts let by board on bids, exceptions
§ 204.355 Extension of boundaries, procedure — ballot form
§ 204.360 Costs of common sewer district met, how
§ 204.370 Bonds, issuance on four-sevenths vote — certain counties (Jackson and Cass)
§ 204.375 Sewer districts and water districts may issue joint revenue bonds
§ 204.380 Bonds issued when, interest rate, redemption period, type, how signed, how ..
§ 204.390 Revenue bonds, payable how, not an indebtedness of district — information ..
§ 204.400 District to charge and collect sufficient revenues
§ 204.410 Net revenues defined, how expended
§ 204.420 Board may authorize establishment of various accounts by resolution — may ..
§ 204.430 Refunding bonds authorized
§ 204.440 Charges to be at rate recommended by advisory board, exception
§ 204.450 Proposition defeated, costs already incurred, paid how — successive ..
§ 204.455 Delinquent fees or charges by sewer district to bear interest from due date ..
§ 204.460 Board may accept grants of funds, material or labor and enter required ..
§ 204.470 Local government officials required to perform certain acts and services
§ 204.472 Sewer service to be provided by agreement for certain annexed areas, ..
§ 204.565 Formation of political subdivision as unincorporated subdistrict — ..
§ 204.567 Circuit court shall hold hearing, notice, contents — decree, filing
§ 204.569 Board of trustees, powers in unincorporated sewer subdistrict — additional ..
§ 204.571 Authorized representative, advisory board — organization — recommendations
§ 204.573 Petition for extension of boundaries, contents — public hearing, notice — ..
§ 204.600 Reorganization permitted, when
§ 204.602 Proceedings for reorganization, requirements
§ 204.604 Petition requirements
§ 204.606 Bonded indebtedness and security interests of creditors, effect of ..
§ 204.608 District a body corporate and politic, when — seal to be adopted — judicial ..
§ 204.610 Trustees, appointment, qualifications, compensation, terms
§ 204.612 Levy and collection of taxes permitted, when
§ 204.614 Bond requirements — deposit of district moneys
§ 204.616 Powers of the board — industrial user defined
§ 204.618 Surveys and general plan for construction, duty of the board — agreements ..
§ 204.620 Acquisition of real and personal property — use of public grounds, when
§ 204.622 Treatment plants, contracts for — agreements for professional services
§ 204.624 Costs, how met
§ 204.626 Issuance of revenue bonds, procedure
§ 204.628 Fees or charges levied, when due
§ 204.630 Revenue bonds, duties of district
§ 204.632 Revenue bonds, net revenues to be pledged
§ 204.634 Resolution authorizing revenue bonds — accounts
§ 204.636 Issuance of refunding bonds, when
§ 204.638 Grants or funds from state or federal government, trustees to accept
§ 204.640 Courts and officers of political subdivisions to cooperate with district
§ 204.650 Citation of law — definitions
§ 204.652 Improvements may be made — issuance of revenue bonds — assessments
§ 204.654 Establishment of area, procedure
§ 204.656 Costs apportioned against property
§ 204.658 Assessments required, roll to be prepared
§ 204.660 Hearing, procedure — notice to property owners — special assessments
§ 204.662 Court action, limitation
§ 204.664 Supplemental or additional assessments permitted, when — reassessment or ..
§ 204.666 Assessment to constitute a lien, when
§ 204.668 Temporary notes authorized, when
§ 204.670 Funds required
§ 204.672 Cooperative agreements authorized, when
§ 204.674 Inapplicability
§ 204.700 No fee, charge, or tax to be assessed, when

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