If an assessment is levied pursuant to NRS 556.070, any grower who fails to pay the assessment by December 1 of each year as required by NRS 556.080 forfeits to the Department a penalty of 5 percent of the amount of the assessment due and 1 percent of the assessment due for each month of delay or fraction thereof after December 31 of the year that the assessment became due. The Department, if satisfied the delay was excusable, may remit any part of the penalty. The penalty must be paid to the Department and deposited for credit to the Garlic and Onion Research and Promotion Account.

Terms Used In Nevada Revised Statutes 556.090

  • Department: means the State Department of Agriculture. See Nevada Revised Statutes 556.010
  • Grower: means any landowner personally engaged in growing garlic or onions, or a landowner and the landowner"s tenant jointly, and includes a natural person, partnership, association, corporation, cooperative organization, trust, sharecropper and all other business units, devises or arrangements that grow garlic or onions. See Nevada Revised Statutes 556.010