§ 444A.010 Definitions
§ 444A.0103 ‘Apartment complex’ defined
§ 444A.0107 ‘Condominium’ defined
§ 444A.011 ‘Department’ defined
§ 444A.0115 ‘Electronic waste’ defined
§ 444A.012 ‘Municipality’ defined
§ 444A.0123 ‘Paper’ defined
§ 444A.0126 ‘Paper product’ defined
§ 444A.013 ‘Recyclable material’ defined
§ 444A.014 ‘Recycling center’ defined
§ 444A.015 ‘Solid waste’ defined
§ 444A.016 ‘Tire for a vehicle’ defined
§ 444A.017 ‘Vehicle’ defined
§ 444A.020 Adoption of regulations establishing standards for recycling or disposal of solid waste; goal of standards; methods for disposal of used or waste tires
§ 444A.030 Adoption of model plan for recycling or disposal of solid waste or other waste; compliance with standards adopted by State Environmental Commission
§ 444A.040 Availability of programs for recycling or disposal of solid waste in certain counties and municipalities; approval of programs required; availability to residents of Indian reservation or colony
§ 444A.050 Report of effectiveness of program; notice of recycling opportunities; enforcement, review and proposed revisions of program by municipality
§ 444A.060 Unlawful to refuse to accept used or waste tires in exchange on purchase of new tire; notice of requirement; penalty
§ 444A.070 Report to Legislature on status of programs for recycling and reuse of materials and amount of recycled material reported by state agencies
§ 444A.080 Adoption of regulations

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