Chapter 679A General Provisions 679A.010 – 679A.200
Chapter 679B Commissioner of Insurance 679B.020 – 679B.700
Chapter 680A Authorization of Insurers and General Requirements 680A.010 – 680A.600
Chapter 680B Fees and Taxes 680B.010 – 680B.120
Chapter 680C Fund for Insurance Administration and Enforcement 680C.100 – 680C.110 v2
Chapter 681A Kinds of Insurance; Limits on Risk; Reinsurance 681A.010 – 681A.580
Chapter 681B Assets and Liabilities 681B.001 – 681B.550
Chapter 682A Investments 682A.005 – 682A.572
Chapter 682B Deposits 682B.010 – 682B.250
Chapter 683A Persons Involved in Sale or Administration of Insurance 683A.020 – 683A.520
Chapter 683C Insurance Consultants 683C.010 – 683C.130
Chapter 684A Adjusters 684A.010 – 684A.260
Chapter 684B Appraisers of Physical Damage to Motor Vehicles 684B.010 – 684B.150
Chapter 685A Nonadmitted Insurance 685A.010 – 685A.220
Chapter 685B Unauthorized Insurers; Prohibitions, Process and Advertising 685B.010 – 685B.190
Chapter 686A Trade Practices and Frauds; Financing of Premiums 686A.010 – 686A.730
Chapter 686B Rates and Essential Insurance 686B.010 – 686B.370
Chapter 686C Nevada Life and Health Insurance Guaranty Association 686C.010 – 686C.390 v2
Chapter 687A Insurance Guaranty Association 687A.010 – 687A.160
Chapter 687B Contracts of Insurance 687B.010 – 687B.850
Chapter 687C Interstate Insurance Product Regulation Compact 687C.010 – 687C.030
Chapter 688A Life Insurance and Annuity Contracts 688A.010 – 688A.440
Chapter 688B Group Life Insurance 688B.010 – 688B.190
Chapter 688C Viatical Settlements 688C.010 – 688C.510
Chapter 688D Payment of Benefits Upon Death of Insured 688D.010 – 688D.140
Chapter 689 Funeral and Burial Services 689.015 – 689.730
Chapter 689A Individual Health Insurance 689A.010 – 689A.755
Chapter 689B Group and Blanket Health Insurance 689B.010 – 689B.580
Chapter 689C Health Insurance for Small Employers 689C.015 – 689C.940
Chapter 690A Credit Insurance 690A.010 – 690A.280
Chapter 690B Casualty Insurance 690B.010 – 690B.495
Chapter 690C Service Contracts 690C.010 – 690C.330
Chapter 690D Guaranteed Asset Protection Waivers 690D.010 – 690D.230
Chapter 691A Property Insurance 691A.010 – 691A.040
Chapter 691B Sureties 691B.010 – 691B.030
Chapter 691C Credit Personal Property Insurance 691C.010 – 691C.440
Chapter 691D Portable Electronics Insurance 691D.010 – 691D.510
Chapter 692A Title Insurance 692A.011 – 692A.270
Chapter 692B Formation and Capitalization of Domestic Stock and Mutual Insurers; Financing of Insurers and Holding Companies 692B.010 – 692B.260
Chapter 692C Holding Companies 692C.010 – 692C.490
Chapter 693A Corporate Powers and Procedures of Domestic Stock and Mutual Insurers 693A.010 – 693A.665
Chapter 693B Continuity of Management During Emergency Resulting From Attack 693B.010 – 693B.170
Chapter 694A Trading of Equity Securities by Insiders 694A.010 – 694A.080
Chapter 694B Reciprocal Insurers 694B.010 – 694B.260
Chapter 694C Captive Insurers 694C.010 – 694C.460
Chapter 695A Fraternal Benefit Societies 695A.001 – 695A.580
Chapter 695B Nonprofit Corporations for Hospital, Medical and Dental Service 695B.010 – 695B.400
Chapter 695C Health Maintenance Organizations 695C.010 – 695C.350
Chapter 695D Plans for Dental Care 695D.010 – 695D.310
Chapter 695E Liability Risk Retention 695E.010 – 695E.220
Chapter 695F Prepaid Limited Health Service Organizations 695F.010 – 695F.480
Chapter 695G Managed Care 695G.010 – 695G.430
Chapter 695H Medical Discount Plans 695H.010 – 695H.180
Chapter 695I Silver State Health Insurance Exchange 695I.010 – 695I.520
Chapter 695J Persons Who Facilitate Enrollment in Certain Qualified Health Plans 695J.010 – 695J.280
Chapter 696A Motor Clubs 696A.010 – 696A.360
Chapter 696B Delinquent Insurers: Conservation, Rehabilitation and Liquidation 696B.010 – 696B.570
Chapter 696C Administrative Supervision of Insurers 696C.010 – 696C.170
Chapter 697 Businesses Related to Bail 697.020 – 697.370