318-C:1 Title
318-C:2 Purpose
318-C:3 Findings
318-C:4 Definitions
318-C:5 Liability for Participation in the Illegal Drug Market
318-C:6 Recovery of Damages
318-C:7 Limited Recovery of Damages
318-C:8 Third Party Cases
318-C:9 Illegal Drug Market Target Community
318-C:10 Joinder of Parties
318-C:11 Comparative Responsibility
318-C:12 Contribution Among and Recovery From Multiple Defendants
318-C:13 Standard of Proof; Effect of Criminal Drug Conviction
318-C:14 Prejudgment Attachment and Execution on Judgments
318-C:15 Statute of Limitations
318-C:16 Representation of Governmental Entities: Stay of Action
318-C:17 Effect on Existing Laws
318-C:18 Severability