Chapter 400-A Insurance Department 400-A:1 – 400-A:39-b
Chapter 400-B Market Conduct Record Retention and Production 400-B:1 – 400-B:13
Chapter 401 Incorporation and Powers of Insurance Companies 401:1 – 401:18
Chapter 401-B Insurance Holding Companies 401-B:1 – 401-B:16
Chapter 401-C Own Risk and Solvency Assessment 401-C:1 – 401-C:10
Chapter 401-D Corporate Governance Annual Disclosure Act 401-D:1 – 401-D:9
Chapter 402 Insurance Companies and Agents 402:1 – 402:84
Chapter 402-A Insider Trading of Securities 402-A:1 – 402-A:9
Chapter 402-B Insurance Claims Adjusters 402-B:1 – 402-B:13
Chapter 402-C Insurers Rehabilitation and Liquidation 402-C:1 – 402-C:61
Chapter 402-D Public Adjusters 402-D:1 – 402-D:21
Chapter 402-E Managing General Agents 402-E:1 – 402-E:8
Chapter 402-F Reinsurance Intermediaries 402-F:1 – 402-F:12
Chapter 402-G Business Transacted With Producer Controlled Property/Casualty Act 402-G:1 – 402-G:5
Chapter 402-H Third Party Administrators 402-H:1 – 402-H:16
Chapter 402-J Producer Licensing 402-J:1 – 402-J:19
Chapter 402-K Sale of Portable Electronics Insurance 402-K:1 – 402-K:7
Chapter 402-L Sale of Limited Lines Travel Insurance 402-L:1 – 402-L:5
Chapter 402-M Administrative Supervision 402-M:1 – 402-M:11
Chapter 402-N Pharmacy Benefits Managers 402-N:1 – 402-N:9
Chapter 403 Guaranty Fund of Mutual Insurance Companies 403:1 – 403:5
Chapter 403-A Disposal of Assets 403-A:1 – 403-A:12
Chapter 403-B Conversion of Mutual Insurers 403-B:1 – 403-B:9
Chapter 403-C Disclosure of Material Transactions 403-C:1 – 403-C:3
Chapter 403-E Charitable Gift Annuities Exemption 403-E:1 – 403-E:5
Chapter 403-F Mutual Insurance Holding Companies 403-F:1 – 403-F:13
Chapter 404-B New Hampshire Insurance Guaranty Association 404-B:1 – 404-B:18
Chapter 404-C Mandatory Risk Sharing Plans 404-C:1 – 404-C:17
Chapter 404-D New Hampshire Life and Health Insurance Guaranty Association 404-D:1 – 404-D:18
Chapter 404-F Risk-Based Capital (Rbc) for Insurers 404-F:1 – 404-F:14
Chapter 404-G Individual Health Insurance Market 404-G:1 – 404-G:12
Chapter 404-H New Hampshire Insurance Guaranty Association Act of 2004 404-H:1 – 404-H:20
Chapter 404-J Commission On the Status of Health Coverage Markets for Individuals and Small Employers 404-J:1
Chapter 405 Foreign Insurance Companies and Their Agents 405:1 – 405:65
Chapter 405-A Risk Retention Act 405-A:1 – 405-A:13
Chapter 405-B Nonadmitted Insurance, Multi-State Risks Premium Collection and Disbursement 405-B:1 – 405-B:8
Chapter 406-A Unauthorized Insurers False Advertising Process Act 406-A:1 – 406-A:7
Chapter 406-B Unauthorized Insurance 406-B:1 – 406-B:17-a
Chapter 406-C Sales of Insurance by Financial Institutions 406-C:1 – 406-C:19
Chapter 407 The Fire Insurance Contract and Suits Thereon 407:1 – 407:24
Chapter 407-B Group Marketing of Motor Vehicle Insurance 407-B:1 – 407-B:7
Chapter 407-C Motor Vehicle Road Service, Tourist Service and Repairs 407-C:1 – 407-C:7
Chapter 407-D After Market Parts 407-D:1 – 407-D:5
Chapter 408 Life Insurance 408:1 – 408:63
Chapter 408-A Credit Life and Accident and Health Insurance 408-A:1 – 408-A:15
Chapter 408-B Life and Health Insurance Guaranty Association of 1996 408-B:1 – 408-B:20
Chapter 408-C Interstate Insurance Product Compact 408-C:1 – 408-C:16
Chapter 408-D Life Settlements Act 408-D:1 – 408-D:19
Chapter 408-E Funding Agreements 408-E:1 – 408-E:8
Chapter 408-F Life and Health Insurance Guaranty Association of 2019 408-F:1 – 408-F:20
Chapter 409 Standard Nonforfeiture Law for Life Insurance 409:1 – 409:8
Chapter 409-A Standard Nonforfeiture Law for Individual Deferred Annuities 409-A:1 – 409-A:10
Chapter 410 Standard Valuation Law 410:1 – 410:18
Chapter 411 Domestic Life Insurance Companies 411:1 – 411:33
Chapter 411-A Regulation of Investments of Life Insurance Companies 411-A:1 – 411-A:37
Chapter 412 Regulation of Forms and Rates for Property and Casualty Insurance 412:1 – 412:44
Chapter 412-A Filing of Aircraft Insurance Policies 412-A:1 – 412-A:4
Chapter 415 Accident and Health Insurance 415:1 – 415:27
Chapter 415-A Standards for Accident and Health Insurance 415-A:1 – 415-A:7
Chapter 415-B Premium Finance Companies 415-B:1 – 415-B:13
Chapter 415-C Consumer Guaranty Contracts 415-C:1 – 415-C:12
Chapter 415-D Long-Term Care Insurance Act 415-D:1 – 415-D:13
Chapter 415-E Multiple-Employer Welfare Arrangements 415-E:1 – 415-E:16
Chapter 415-F Medicare Supplemental Insurance 415-F:1 – 415-F:8
Chapter 415-H Stop Loss Insurance 415-H:1 – 415-H:5
Chapter 415-I Discount Medical Plan Organizations 415-I:1 – 415-I:17
Chapter 415-J New Hampshire Telemedicine Act 415-J:1 – 415-J:3
Chapter 416 Surety Companies 416:1 – 416:7
Chapter 416-A Title Insurance Code 416-A:1 – 416-A:22
Chapter 417 Unfair Insurance Trade Practices 417:1 – 417:31
Chapter 417-A Refusal to Issue, Cancellation and Refusal to Renew Automobile Insurance 417-A:1 – 417-A:10
Chapter 417-B Cancellation, Refusal to Write, Refusal to Renew Certain Property and Liability Insurance 417-B:1 – 417-B:8
Chapter 417-C Cancellation or Refusal to Renew Commercial Insurance 417-C:1 – 417-C:6
Chapter 417-D Women’s Health Care 417-D:1 – 417-D:4
Chapter 417-E Coverage for Certain Biologically-Based Mental Illnesses 417-E:1 – 417-E:2
Chapter 417-F Coverage for Emergency Services 417-F:1 – 417-F:4
Chapter 417-G Access to Fertility Care 417-G:1 – 417-G:5
Chapter 418 Fraternal Benefit Societies 418:1 – 418:37
Chapter 420-A Health Service Corporations 420-A:1 – 420-A:32
Chapter 420-B Health Maintenance Organizations 420-B:1 – 420-B:25
Chapter 420-C Preferred Provider Agreements 420-C:1 – 420-C:8
Chapter 420-D Continuing Care Communities 420-D:1 – 420-D:27
Chapter 420-E Licensure of Medical Utilization Review Entities 420-E:1 – 420-E:9
Chapter 420-F Delta Dental Plan of New Hampshire, Inc. 420-F:1 – 420-F:18
Chapter 420-G Portability, Availability, and Renewability of Health Coverage 420-G:1 – 420-G:16
Chapter 420-H Explanation of Benefits 420-H:1 – 420-H:7
Chapter 420-I Prohibition of Exclusive Arrangements With Managed Care Insurers 420-I:1 – 420-I:7
Chapter 420-J Managed Care Law 420-J:1 – 420-J:19
Chapter 420-K Small Employer Health Reinsurance Pool 420-K:1 – 420-K:7
Chapter 420-M Purchasing Alliances 420-M:1 – 420-M:13
Chapter 420-N Federal Health Care Reform 2010 420-N:1 – 420-N:9
Chapter 420-O Self-Funded Student Health Benefit Plans 420-O:1 – 420-O:12
Chapter 420-P Insurance Data Security Law 420-P:1 – 420-P:14