§ 7-8A-1 Definitions
§ 7-8A-2 Presumptions of abandonment
§ 7-8A-3 Contents of safe deposit box or other safekeeping depository
§ 7-8A-4 Rules for taking custody
§ 7-8A-5 Dormancy charge
§ 7-8A-6 Burden of proof as to property evidenced by record of check or draft
§ 7-8A-7 Report of abandoned property
§ 7-8A-8 Payment or delivery of abandoned property
§ 7-8A-9 Notice and publication of lists of abandoned property
§ 7-8A-10 Custody by state; recovery by holder; defense of holder
§ 7-8A-10.1 Exercise of due diligence; liability; notice
§ 7-8A-11 Crediting of dividends, interest and increments to owner’s account
§ 7-8A-12 Public sale of abandoned property
§ 7-8A-13 Deposit of funds
§ 7-8A-14 Claim of another state to recover property
§ 7-8A-15 Filing claim with administrator; handling of claims by administrator
§ 7-8A-16 Appeal; action to establish claim
§ 7-8A-17 Election to take payment or delivery
§ 7-8A-18 Destruction or disposition of property having no substantial commercial value; immunity from liability
§ 7-8A-19 Periods of limitation
§ 7-8A-20 Requests for reports and examination of records
§ 7-8A-21 Retention of records
§ 7-8A-22 Enforcement
§ 7-8A-23 Interstate agreements and cooperation; joint and reciprocal actions with other states
§ 7-8A-24 Interest and penalties
§ 7-8A-25 Agreement to locate property
§ 7-8A-26 Foreign transactions
§ 7-8A-27 Transitional provisions
§ 7-8A-28 Rules
§ 7-8A-29 Uniformity of application and construction
§ 7-8A-30 Short title
§ 7-8A-31 Severability clause