§ 130 Filing of Certificates by Persons Conducting Business Under Assumed Name or as Partners
§ 131 Ownership of Merchandise Establishments and Services to Be Publicly Revealed and Displayed
§ 132 Fictitious Copartnership Names
§ 133 Use of Name or Address With Intent to Deceive
§ 134 Fraudulent Use of the Name or Title of Secret Fraternity
§ 135 Unlawful Use of Name of Benevolent, Humane or Charitable Corporation
§ 136 Exhibition or Display of the Flag
§ 137 Unauthorized Wearing or Use of Badge, Name or Insignia of Certain Orders and Societies
§ 138 Use of Certain Governmental, Military or Naval Names
§ 140 Wearing Industry Badges, or Other Insignia of Identification by Unauthorized Persons
§ 141 Unlawful Use of the Name United Nations
§ 142 Unlawful Possession or Use of an Identification Card Issued by United Nations
§ 143 False Identification Documents