Article 1 Short Title; Construction; Applicability of Certain Sections
Article 3 Capacity; Effect of Status or of Certain Relationships or Occupations Upon the Creation, Definition or Enforcement of Obligations
Article 5 Creation, Definition and Enforcement of Contractual Obligations
Article 7 Obligations Relating to Property Received as Security
Article 9 Obligations of Care
Article 11 Obligations to Make Compensation or Restitution
Article 12 Drug Dealer Liability Act 12-101 – 12-110
Article 13 Transfer of Obligations and Rights
Article 15 Modification and Discharge of Obligations
Article 17 Revival or Extension; Waiver of Defense or Bar
Article 18 Safety in Skiing Code 18-101 – 18-108
Article 18-A Specifications of Liability for Employers and Employees 18-201
Article 18-B Safety in Agricultural Tourism 18-301 – 18-303
Article 19 Laws Repealed; Effective Date 19-101 – 19-103