§ 300 Findings and Declaration of Emergency
§ 301 Definitions
§ 301-A Notice of Benefits to Persons in and Persons Enlisting in the State Organized Militia
§ 301-B Extension of Benefits to Dependents
§ 301-C Accident Prevention Course Information
§ 302 Stay, Et Cetera, to Persons Secondarily Liable
§ 303 Representation; Opening Judgment; Default
§ 304 Proceedings to Be Stayed Unless Interest Unaffected by Military Service
§ 305 Relief Against Fines and Penalties, Et Cetera
§ 306 Actions Against Persons in Service
§ 307 Continuance of Stay, Et Cetera
§ 308 Statutes of Limitations and Statutes of a Similar Nature; Time of Military Service Not Included
§ 308-A Waiver of Professional Continuing Education Requirements
§ 308-B Extension of License, Certificate or Registration
§ 309 Evictions; Restraint
§ 310 Liability for Rent Accruing After Induction; Termination of Lease
§ 311 Installment Purchases
§ 311-A Termination of Motor Vehicle Lease Contracts
§ 311-B Cancellation Without Penalty of Certain Additional Rental Contracts
§ 311-C Termination Without Penalty of Certain Service Contracts
§ 312 Mortgages
§ 313 Settlement of Cases Involving Stayed Proceeding in Foreclosure or Repossession of Personal Property
§ 313-A Exercise of Rights Under This Article Not to Affect Certain Future Financial Transactions
§ 314 Taxes; Taxes On Real Property, Et Cetera
§ 315 Taxes; Income Taxes
§ 316 Policies of Insurance; Policies Not to Lapse or Be Forfeited
§ 316-A Protection of Assignor of Life Insurance Policy; Enforcement of Storage Liens
§ 316-B Professional Liability Protection for Certain Persons Ordered to Active Duty in Armed Forces
§ 317 Reemployment in Private Industry
§ 318 Policy of the State
§ 319 Evasive Transfers of Interest
§ 321 Certificates of Service
§ 322 Interlocutory Orders
§ 323 Further Relief
§ 323-A Maximum Rate of Interest
§ 323-B Filing Fees Waiver; Civil Actions
§ 324 Separability
§ 325 Inconsistent Provisions in Other Acts
§ 326 Article Thirteen of Military Law, Added by Laws of Nineteen Hundred Forty-One, Chapter Six Hundred Eighty-Six
§ 327 Duration of the Emergency
§ 328 Short Title

Terms Used In New York Laws > Military > Article 13

  • military service: means duty by a person, male or female, in the active military service of the United States as defined in section one of this chapter and active duty in the military service of the state pursuant to an order of the governor issued pursuant to section six or seven of this chapter. See N.Y. Vehicle & Traffic Law 127
  • person: when used herein with reference to the holder of any right alleged to exist against a person in military service, or against a person secondarily liable under such right, shall include individuals, partnerships, corporations, and any other forms of business association. See N.Y. Vehicle & Traffic Law 127