1. Whenever any test agency prepares or causes to have prepared research which is used in any study, evaluation or statistical report pertaining to a test operational after January first, nineteen hundred eighty, such study, evaluation or report shall be filed with the commissioner. This section shall apply to any unpublished study, evaluation or statistical report cited in memoranda of support or opposition to legislation or proposed rules and regulations relating to standardized testing written or published by the test agency or its employees in behalf of the test agency on or after July first, nineteen hundred ninety-three.

Terms Used In N.Y. Education Law 341

  • Commissioner: means the commissioner of education of the state of New York. See
  • test: means any test that is given in New York at the expense of the test subject and designed for use and used in the process of selection for post-secondary or professional school admissions. See
  • Test agency: means any organization, association, corporation, partnership, or individual or person that develops, sponsors or administers a test. See
  • Test subject: means an individual to whom a test is administered. See

2. If any reports or other documents submitted pursuant to this section contain information identifiable with any test subject or test user institution, such information shall be deleted prior to filing with the commissioner.

3. All reports or other documents submitted pursuant to this section shall be public records.