(a)        Prior to conducting business in North Carolina, a handler shall register with the Department, free of cost, by providing to the Department the following information:

(1)        The handler’s name.

(2)        The handler’s principal place of business.

(3)        The type of fruits and vegetables handled by the handler.

(4)        The annual volume, in dollar amount, of fruits and vegetables handled by the handler in North Carolina.

(b)        A handler shall update the Department within 60 calendar days of any change in information required under subdivision (a)(1), (a)(2), or (a)(3) of this section.

(c)        A handler shall update the Department of the annual volume required under subdivision (a)(4) of this section by February 1st of each year.

(d)       Information collected under this Article shall be held confidential by the Department and not subject to public records disclosure. ?(2018-113, s. 1(b).)

Terms Used In North Carolina General Statutes 106-501.2

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