116B-51 Short title
116B-52 Definitions
116B-53 Presumptions of abandonment
116B-54.1 Unclaimed United States savings bonds
116B-55 Contents of safe deposit box or other safekeeping depository
116B-56 Rules for taking custody
116B-57 Dormancy charge; other lawful charges
116B-58 Burden of proof as to property evidenced by record of check or draft
116B-59 Notice by holders to apparent owners
116B-60 Report of abandoned property; certification by holders with tax return
116B-61 Payment or delivery of abandoned property
116B-62 Preparation of list of owners by Treasurer
116B-63 Custody by State; recovery by holder; defense of holder
116B-64 Income or gain accruing after payment or delivery
116B-65 Public sale of abandoned property
116B-66 Claim of another state to recover property
116B-67 Claim for property paid or delivered to the Treasurer
116B-68 Action to establish claim
116B-69 Election to take payment or delivery
116B-70 Property of historical significance
116B-71 Periods of limitation
116B-72 Requests for reports and examination of records
116B-73 Retention of records
116B-74 Discretionary precompliance review
116B-75 Enforcement
116B-76 Interstate agreements and cooperation; joint and reciprocal actions with other states
116B-77 Interest and penalties; waiver
116B-78 Agreement to locate property
116B-79 Transitional provisions
116B-80 Rules