Article 1 Definitions and General Provisions 15A-101 – 15A-101.1
Article 3 Venue 15A-131 – 15A-136
Article 4 Entry and Withdrawal of Attorney in Criminal Case 15A-141 – 15A-144
Article 5 Expunction of Records 15A-145 – 15A-160
Article 6 Certification of Relief 15A-173.1 – 15A-173.6
Article 8 Electronic Recording of Interrogations 15A-211
Article 8A SBI and State Crime Laboratory Access to View and Analyze Recordings 15A-220
Article 9 Search and Seizure by Consent 15A-221 – 15A-223
Article 10 Other Searches and Seizures 15A-231
Article 11 Search Warrants 15A-241 – 15A-259
Article 12 Pen Registers; Trap and Trace Devices 15A-260 – 15A-264
Article 13 DNA Database and Databank 15A-266 – 15A-270.1
Article 14 Nontestimonial Identification 15A-271 – 15A-282
Article 14A Eyewitness Identification Reform Act 15A-284.50 – 15A-284.53
Article 15 Urgent Necessity 15A-285
Article 16 Electronic Surveillance 15A-286 – 15A-298
Article 16A Discontinuation of Telecommunications Services 15A-299
Article 16B Use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems 15A-300.1 – 15A-300.3
Article 17 Criminal Process 15A-301 – 15A-305
Article 18 Identification Documents 15A-311
Article 20 Arrest 15A-401 – 15A-406
Article 23 Police Processing and Duties upon Arrest 15A-501 – 15A-505
Article 24 Initial Appearance 15A-511
Article 25 Commitment 15A-521
Article 26 Bail 15A-531 – 15A-547.1
Article 29 First Appearance Before District Court Judge 15A-601 – 15A-606
Article 30 Probable-Cause Hearing 15A-611 – 15A-615
Article 31 The Grand Jury and Its Proceedings 15A-621 – 15A-631
Article 32 Indictment and Related Instruments 15A-641 – 15A-646
Article 36 Special Criminal Process for Attendance of Defendants 15A-711
Article 37 Uniform Criminal Extradition Act 15A-721 – 15A-750
Article 38 Interstate Agreement on Detainers 15A-761 – 15A-767
Article 39 Other Special Process for Attendance of Defendants 15A-771 – 15A-773
Article 42 Attendance of Witnesses Generally 15A-801 – 15A-805
Article 43 Uniform Act to Secure Attendance of Witnesses from Without a State in Criminal Proceedings 15A-811 – 15A-816
Article 44 Securing Attendance of Prisoners as Witnesses 15A-821 – 15A-823
Article 45 Fair Treatment for Certain Victims and Witnesses 15A-824 – 15A-827
Article 46 Crime Victims’ Rights Act 15A-830 – 15A-839
Article 48 Discovery in the Superior Court 15A-901 – 15A-910
Article 49 Pleadings and Joinder 15A-921 – 15A-928
Article 50 Voluntary Dismissal 15A-931 – 15A-932
Article 51 Arraignment 15A-941 – 15A-945
Article 52 Motions Practice 15A-951 – 15A-959
Article 53 Motion to Suppress Evidence 15A-971 – 15A-980
Article 56 Incapacity to Proceed 15A-1001 – 15A-1008
Article 57 Pleas 15A-1011 – 15A-1012
Article 58 Procedures Relating to Guilty Pleas in Superior Court 15A-1021 – 15A-1027
Article 58A Procedures Relating to Felony Guilty Pleas in District Court 15A-1029.1
Article 59 Maintenance of Order in the Courtroom 15A-1031 – 15A-1035
Article 61 Granting of Immunity to Witnesses 15A-1051 – 15A-1055
Article 62 Mistrial 15A-1061 – 15A-1065
Article 65 In General 15A-1101
Article 66 Procedure for Hearing and Disposition of Infractions 15A-1111 – 15A-1118
Article 71 Right to Trial by Jury 15A-1201
Article 72 Selecting and Impaneling the Jury 15A-1211 – 15A-1217
Article 73 Criminal Jury Trial in Superior Court 15A-1221 – 15A-1243
Article 78 Order of Commitment to Imprisonment 15A-1301
Article 80 Defendants Found Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity 15A-1321 – 15A-1322
Article 81 General Sentencing Provisions 15A-1331 – 15A-1336
Article 81B Structured Sentencing of Persons Convicted of Crimes 15A-1340.10 – 15A-1340.23
Article 81C Restitution 15A-1340.34 – 15A-1340.39
Article 81D Permanent No Contact Order Against Convicted Sex Offender 15A-1340.50
Article 82 Probation 15A-1341 – 15A-1347
Article 83 Imprisonment 15A-1351 – 15A-1355
Article 84 Fines 15A-1361 – 15A-1365
Article 84A Post-Release Supervision 15A-1368 – 15A-1368.6
Article 84B Medical Release of Inmates 15A-1369 – 15A-1369.5
Article 85 Parole 15A-1370.1 – 15A-1376
Article 86 Reports of Dispositions of Criminal Cases 15A-1381 – 15A-1383
Article 88 Post-Trial Motions and Appeal 15A-1401
Article 89 Motion for Appropriate Relief and Other Post-Trial Relief 15A-1411 – 15A-1422
Article 90 Appeals from Magistrates and District Court Judges 15A-1431 – 15A-1432
Article 91 Appeal to Appellate Division 15A-1441 – 15A-1453
Article 92 North Carolina Innocence Inquiry Commission 15A-1460 – 15A-1475
Article 100 Capital Punishment 15A-2000 – 15A-2005