32A-15 General purpose of this Article
32A-16 Definitions
32A-17 Who may make a health care power of attorney
32A-18 Who may act as a health care attorney-in-fact
32A-19 Extent of authority; limitations of authority
32A-20 Effectiveness and duration; revocation
32A-21 Appointment, resignation, removal, and substitution
32A-22 Relation of the health care agent to a court-appointed fiduciary and to a general attorney-in-fact
32A-23 Article 2, Chapter 32A, not applicable
32A-24 Reliance on health care power of attorney; defense
32A-25.1 Statutory form health care power of attorney
32A-26 Health care power of attorney and declaration of desire for natural death
32A-27 Health care powers of attorney executed in other jurisdictions

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