§ 75-2a-101 Title
§ 75-2a-102 Intent statement
§ 75-2a-103 Definitions
§ 75-2a-104 Capacity to make health care decisions — Presumption — Overcoming presumption
§ 75-2a-105 Capacity to complete an advance health care directive
§ 75-2a-106 Emergency medical services — Life with dignity order
§ 75-2a-107 Advance health care directive — Appointment of agent — Powers of agent — Health care directions
§ 75-2a-108 Default surrogates
§ 75-2a-109 Effect of current health care preferences — When a surrogate may act
§ 75-2a-110 Surrogate decision making — Scope of authority
§ 75-2a-111 Priority of decision makers
§ 75-2a-112 Decisions by guardian
§ 75-2a-113 Personal representative status
§ 75-2a-114 Revocation of directive
§ 75-2a-115 Notification to health care provider — Obligations of health care providers — Liability
§ 75-2a-116 Presumption of validity of directive
§ 75-2a-117 Optional form
§ 75-2a-118 Illegal destruction or falsification of health care directive
§ 75-2a-119 Health care directive effect on insurance policies
§ 75-2a-120 Judicial relief
§ 75-2a-121 Reciprocity — Application of former provisions of law
§ 75-2a-122 Effect of act
§ 75-2a-123 Pregnancy
§ 75-2a-124 Provisions cumulative with existing law
§ 75-2a-125 Severability

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