§ 23.1-15-01 Definitions
§ 23.1-15-02 Penalty for abandoning a motor vehicle
§ 23.1-15-03 Custody of abandoned vehicle
§ 23.1-15-04 Conditions under which an abandoned vehicle may be sold immediately
§ 23.1-15-05 Notice to owner and law enforcement of abandoned vehicle
§ 23.1-15-06 Right of owner to reclaim abandoned vehicle
§ 23.1-15-07 Disposal of vehicle – Disposition of proceeds
§ 23.1-15-08 Disposal of vehicles not sold
§ 23.1-15-09 Contracts for disposal – Issuance of licenses by department of environmental quality – Reimbursement of units of government and commercial towing services for costs
§ 23.1-15-10 Abandoned motor vehicle disposal fund
§ 23.1-15-11 Tax on initial motor vehicle certificates of title
§ 23.1-15-12 Storage of vehicles by collector – Limitations

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