§ 3719.01 Controlled substances definitions
§ 3719.011 Controlled substances definitions for use in Revised Code
§ 3719.012 Minor may give consent to diagnosis or treatment of condition caused by drug or alcohol abuse
§ 3719.013 Controlled substance analog
§ 3719.04 Sale of controlled substances by category III licensees
§ 3719.05 Pharmacist may dispense controlled substances – prescriptions – sale of stock
§ 3719.06 Authority of licensed health professional
§ 3719.061 Prescription of opioids to minors
§ 3719.062 Adoption of rules by health-related licensing board regarding opioid analgesics
§ 3719.07 Record of all controlled substances received, administered, dispensed, or used
§ 3719.08 Label required
§ 3719.09 Authorized possession of controlled substances
§ 3719.10 Nuisance
§ 3719.11 Controlled substances forfeited and destroyed
§ 3719.12 Prosecutor to report conviction to board that licensed, certified, or registered person
§ 3719.121 Suspending license, certificate, or registration of person addicted to or improperly distributing controlled substances
§ 3719.14 Exemptions
§ 3719.141 Peace officer may sell controlled substance in performance of official duties
§ 3719.15 Exceptions
§ 3719.16 Dispensing of excepted substances
§ 3719.161 Prohibition against altering substance to increase concentration
§ 3719.172 Possession or sale of hypodermics
§ 3719.18 Enforcement officers – co-operation with agencies
§ 3719.19 Persons not subject to prosecution
§ 3719.21 Disposition of fines and forfeited bail
§ 3719.28 Rules for administration and enforcement
§ 3719.30 Prohibition against leaving or depositing dangerous drug or poison on thoroughfares
§ 3719.31 Prohibition against careless distribution of samples containing drug or poison
§ 3719.32 Regulating the sale of poisons
§ 3719.33 Labeling poisons
§ 3719.34 Provisions inapplicable
§ 3719.35 Labeling and recording of delivery provisions exceptions
§ 3719.36 Board of pharmacy to enforce poison laws
§ 3719.40 Controlled substances included in schedules by designated name
§ 3719.42 State pharmacy board to meet annually
§ 3719.43 Effect of U.S. attorney general addition, transfer, or removal of substance from schedule
§ 3719.44 Board of pharmacy authority to change schedules
§ 3719.70 Grant of immunity or sentencing consideration to person providing information necessary to investigation
§ 3719.81 Furnishing drug samples
§ 3719.811 Sample drug furnished to or by charitable pharmacy – exceptions
§ 3719.812 Qualified immunity of sample drug donors and recipients
§ 3719.813 Qualified immunity of sample drug manufacturers
§ 3719.82 Effect of child support default on license

Terms Used In Ohio Code > Chapter 3719

  • Administer: means the direct application of a drug, whether by injection, inhalation, ingestion, or any other means to a person or an animal. See Ohio Code 3719.01
  • Animal shelter: means a facility operated by a humane society or any society organized under Chapter 1717. See Ohio Code 3719.01
  • Another: when used to designate the owner of property which is the subject of an offense, includes not only natural persons but also every other owner of property. See Ohio Code 1.02
  • Category III license: means a license issued to a terminal distributor of dangerous drugs as set forth in section Ohio Code 3719.01
  • Certified nurse practitioner: means an advanced practice registered nurse who holds a current, valid license issued under Chapter 4723. See Ohio Code 1.64
  • Certified nurse-midwife: means an advanced practice registered nurse who holds a current, valid license issued under Chapter 4723. See Ohio Code 1.64
  • Child: includes child by adoption. See Ohio Code 1.59
  • Clinical nurse specialist: means an advanced practice registered nurse who holds a current, valid license issued under Chapter 4723. See Ohio Code 1.64
  • Coca leaves: includes cocaine and any compound, manufacture, salt, derivative, mixture, or preparation of coca leaves, except derivatives of coca leaves, that does not contain cocaine, ecgonine, or substances from which cocaine or ecgonine may be synthesized or made. See Ohio Code 3719.01
  • Controlled substance: means a drug, compound, mixture, preparation, or substance included in schedule I, II, III, IV, or V. See Ohio Code 3719.01
  • Controlled substance analog: means , except as provided in division (HH)(2) of this section, a substance to which both of the following apply:

    Ohio Code 3719.01

  • Dispense: means to sell, leave with, give away, dispose of, or deliver. See Ohio Code 3719.01
  • Distribute: means to deal in, ship, transport, or deliver but does not include administering or dispensing a drug. See Ohio Code 3719.01
  • Drug enforcement administration: means the drug enforcement administration of the United States department of justice or its successor agency. See Ohio Code 3719.01
  • Emergency facility: means a hospital emergency department or any other facility that provides emergency care. See Ohio Code 3719.01
  • Federal drug abuse control laws: means the "Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act of 1970" 84 Stat. See Ohio Code 3719.01
  • Hospital: means an institution for the care and treatment of the sick and injured that is certified by the department of health and approved by the state board of pharmacy as proper to be entrusted with the custody of controlled substances and the professional use of controlled substances. See Ohio Code 3719.01
  • Hypodermic: means a hypodermic syringe or needle, or other instrument or device for the injection of medication. See Ohio Code 3719.01
  • Isomer: except as otherwise expressly stated, means the optical isomer. See Ohio Code 3719.01
  • Manufacturer: means a person who manufactures a controlled substance, as "manufacture" is defined in section Ohio Code 3719.01
  • Narcotic drugs: means coca leaves, opium, isonipecaine, amidone, isoamidone, ketobemidone, as defined in this division, and every substance not chemically distinguished from them and every drug, other than cannabis, that may be included in the meaning of "narcotic drug" under the federal drug abuse control laws. See Ohio Code 3719.01
  • Oath: includes affirmation, and "swear" includes affirm. See Ohio Code 1.59
  • Official written order: means an order written on a form provided for that purpose by the director of the United States drug enforcement administration, under any laws of the United States making provision for the order, if the order forms are authorized and required by federal law. See Ohio Code 3719.01
  • Opioid analgesic: means a controlled substance that has analgesic pharmacologic activity at the opioid receptors of the central nervous system, including the following drugs and their varying salt forms or chemical congeners: buprenorphine, butorphanol, codeine (including acetaminophen and other combination products), dihydrocodeine, fentanyl, hydrocodone (including acetaminophen combination products), hydromorphone, meperidine, methadone, morphine sulfate, oxycodone (including acetaminophen, aspirin, and other combination products), oxymorphone, tapentadol, and tramadol. See Ohio Code 3719.01
  • Person: includes an individual, corporation, business trust, estate, trust, partnership, and association. See Ohio Code 1.59
  • Person: means any individual, corporation, government, governmental subdivision or agency, business trust, estate, trust, partnership, association, or other legal entity. See Ohio Code 3719.01
  • Pharmacist: means a person licensed under Chapter 4729. See Ohio Code 3719.01
  • Physician assistant: means an individual who is licensed under Chapter 4730. See Ohio Code 1.64
  • Poison: means any drug, chemical, or preparation likely to be deleterious or destructive to adult human life in quantities of four grams or less. See Ohio Code 3719.01
  • Property: means real and personal property. See Ohio Code 1.59
  • Registry number: means the number assigned to each person registered under the federal drug abuse control laws. See Ohio Code 3719.01
  • Rule: includes regulation. See Ohio Code 1.59
  • Sale: includes delivery, barter, exchange, transfer, or gift, or offer thereof, and each transaction of those natures made by any person, whether as principal, proprietor, agent, servant, or employee. See Ohio Code 3719.01
  • state: means the state of Ohio. See Ohio Code 1.59
  • State: when applied to a part of the United States, includes any state, district, commonwealth, territory, insular possession thereof, and any area subject to the legislative authority of the United States of America. See Ohio Code 1.59
  • United States: includes all the states. See Ohio Code 1.59
  • Whoever: includes all persons, natural and artificial; partners; principals, agents, and employees; and all officials, public or private. See Ohio Code 1.02
  • Wholesaler: means a person who, on official written orders other than prescriptions, supplies controlled substances that the person has not manufactured, produced, or prepared personally and includes a "wholesale distributor of dangerous drugs" as defined in section Ohio Code 3719.01