Rental and Lease Agreements
Service Contracts
Credit and Purchasing
Mailings and Deliveries
Automatic Dialing and Announcing Devices
Warranty Regulation and Enforcement
Vehicle Repair Shops
Infant Crib Safety
Childrens Products
Mercury in Lighting Products
Portable Electronics Insurance
Identity Theft Prevention
Debt Buyers
Mortgage Rescue Fraud Prevention Act
§ 646A.030 Definitions for ORS 646A.030 to 646A.042
§ 646A.032 Price list for health spa services
§ 646A.034 Contracts; contents
§ 646A.036 Contracts and rules; delivery to buyer
§ 646A.038 Moneys paid prior to facility opening; disposition; priority of claim; refund
§ 646A.040 Waiver of provisions of ORS 646A.030 to 646A.042
§ 646A.042 Remedies and obligations supplementary to existing remedies

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