Chapter 733a Retail Credit Transaction Statement Errors
Chapter 734a Regulation of Apartment Listing Services
Chapter 734b Time Shares
Chapter 735a Unfair Trade Practices
Chapter 735b Repair of Consumer Goods
Chapter 735c Refund, Exchange and Discount Policies and Practices
Chapter 736 Unfair Sales Practices
Chapter 737 Unfair Photographic Sales Practices
Chapter 737a Artist-Art Dealer Consignments
Chapter 737b Dies, Molds and Forms
Chapter 737c Art Preservation and Artists’ Rights
Chapter 737d Performing and Recording Group Rights
Chapter 738a Foreign Discriminatory Boycotts
Chapter 738b Consumer Layaway Plans
Chapter 739 Trading Stamps, Mail Orders, Franchises, Credit Programs and Subscriptions
Chapter 740 Home Solicitation Sales Act
Chapter 741 Contingent Transactions
Chapter 741c Liquidated Damages Provisions in Consumer Contracts
Chapter 741d Attorney’s Fee Clauses
Chapter 742 Consumer Contracts
Chapter 742b Construction Contracts
Chapter 742c Refuse Removal or Disposal Contracts
Chapter 742d Automatic Renewal and Continuous Services
Chapter 743 Self-Service Storage Facilities
Chapter 743b New Automobile Warranties
Chapter 743c Funeral Service Contracts
Chapter 743d Gray Market Merchandise
Chapter 743e Rainchecks
Chapter 743f Used Automobile Warranties
Chapter 743g Automobile Manufacturers’ Warranty Adjustment Programs
Chapter 743h Profiteering
Chapter 743i Consumer Rent-to-Own Agreements
Chapter 743j Extended and Express Warranties
Chapter 743k Long-Term Leasing of Motor Vehicles
Chapter 743m Telemarketing
Chapter 743n Sweepstakes
Chapter 743o Buying Clubs
Chapter 743p Social Referral Services
Chapter 743q Assistive Technology Devices
Chapter 743r Farm, Forestry, Yard and Garden Equipment Dealers and Suppliers
Chapter 743s New Emergency Vehicle Warranties
Chapter 743t Dry Cleaning
Chapter 743u Miscellaneous Consumer Cards
Chapter 743aa Consumer Leases
Chapter 743bb Rental of Trucks for the Transportation of Personal Property
Chapter 743cc Gift Certificates and Prepaid Cards
Chapter 743dd Protection of Social Security Numbers and Personal Information
Chapter 743ee Income Tax Refund Anticipation Loans
Chapter 743ff Sales Representatives’ Commissions
Chapter 743gg Contracts Between Health Care Providers and Contracting Entities
Chapter 743hh Commercial Leases: General Provisions
Chapter 743ii Motor Fuel Industry Market Concentration
Chapter 743jj Consumer Data Privacy and Online Monitoring
Chapters 747 Miscellaneous Provisions
Chapter 742e Consumer Bills

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