Chapter 1 Uniform Commercial Code – General Provisions
Chapter 2 Sales
Chapter 2A Leases
Chapter 3 Negotiable Instruments
Chapter 4 Bank Deposits and Collections
Chapter 4A Funds Transfers
Chapter 5 Letters of Credit
Chapter 6 Bulk Transfers [Repealed]
Chapter 7 Uniform Commercial Code – Documents of Title
Chapter 8 Investment Securities
Chapter 9 Secured Transactions
Chapter 10 Uniform Electronic Transactions
Chapter 11 Retail Installment Sales
Chapter 12 Discharge of Sureties
Chapter 13 Assignments for Benefit of Creditors
Chapter 14 Interest Rates Generally
Chapter 15 Interest on Home Loans
Chapter 16 Home Solicitation Sales Or Leases [TRANSFERRED]
Chapter 17 Equal Consumer Credit [TRANSFERRED]
Chapter 18 Consumer Protection
Chapter 19 Repurchase Of Terminated Franchise Inventory [TRANSFERRED]
Chapter 20 Invention Development [TRANSFERRED]
Chapter 21 Unsolicited Merchandise [TRANSFERRED]
Chapter 22 Credit Cards
Chapter 23 Duties of Mortgagee or Lender
Chapter 24 Equity Participations
Chapter 25 Trade Practices
Chapter 26 Weights and Measures
Chapter 27 Disposition of Dies, Molds, and Forms
Chapter 28 Open-End Mortgages and Mortgages Securing Future Advances
Chapter 29 Collection of Bad Checks
Chapter 30 Home Equity Conversion Mortgages
Chapter 31 Tobacco Manufacturers’ Escrow Fund
Chapter 32 Residential Closing Funds Distribution Act of 2005
Chapters 33-49 [Reserved]
Chapter 50 Miscellaneous Provisions