§ 743A.012 Emergency services
§ 743A.014 Payments for ambulance care and transportation
§ 743A.020 Services provided by acupuncturist
§ 743A.024 Services provided by clinical social worker
§ 743A.028 Services provided by denturist
§ 743A.032 Surgical services provided by dentist
§ 743A.034 Services provided by expanded practice dental hygienist
§ 743A.036 Services provided by certified nurse practitioner or licensed physician assistant
§ 743A.040 Services provided by optometrist
§ 743A.044 Services provided by physician assistant
§ 743A.048 Services provided by psychologist
§ 743A.051 Services provided by pharmacist
§ 743A.052 Services provided by professional counselor or marriage and family therapist
§ 743A.058 Telemedical services
§ 743A.060 Definition for ORS 743A.062
§ 743A.062 Prescription drugs
§ 743A.063 Ninety-day supply of prescription drug refills
§ 743A.064 Prescription drugs dispensed at rural health clinics
§ 743A.065 Early refills of prescription eye drops for treatment of glaucoma
§ 743A.066 Contraceptives
§ 743A.067 Reproductive health services
§ 743A.068 Orally administered anticancer medication
§ 743A.070 Nonprescription enteral formula for home use
§ 743A.080 Pregnancy and childbirth expenses
§ 743A.082 Diabetes management for pregnant women
§ 743A.084 Unmarried women and their children
§ 743A.088 Use by mother of diethylstilbestrol
§ 743A.090 Natural and adopted children
§ 743A.100 Mammograms
§ 743A.104 Pelvic examinations and Pap smear examinations
§ 743A.105 HPV vaccine
§ 743A.108 Physical examination of breast
§ 743A.110 Mastectomy-related services; expedited external review required
§ 743A.111 Consumer education about post-mastectomy services
§ 743A.124 Colorectal cancer screenings and laboratory tests
§ 743A.140 Bilateral cochlear implants
§ 743A.141 Hearing aids
§ 743A.148 Maxillofacial prosthetic services
§ 743A.150 Treatment of craniofacial anomaly
§ 743A.160 Alcoholism treatment
§ 743A.168 Treatment of chemical dependency, including alcoholism, and mental or nervous conditions; qualified providers; rules
§ 743A.170 Tobacco use cessation programs
§ 743A.175 Traumatic brain injury
§ 743A.180 Tourette Syndrome
§ 743A.185 Telemedical health services for treatment of diabetes
§ 743A.188 Inborn errors of metabolism
§ 743A.190 Children with pervasive developmental disorder
§ 743A.192 Clinical trials
§ 743A.250 Emergency eye care services
§ 743A.252 Child abuse medical assessments
§ 743A.260 Inmates
§ 743A.262 Preventive health services; cost sharing
§ 743A.264 Disease outbreaks; epidemics; conditions of public health importance

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