(a)  The “owner” (or supervisor) of a publicly owned building or administrator of a group of public buildings or the owner of a private building, excluding a private residence, shall appoint from his or her employees sufficient persons competent in the basic aspects of asbestos inspection and abatement to fulfill the responsibilities of this section within an eighteen (18) month period.

Terms Used In Rhode Island General Laws 23-24.5-13

(b)  The “competent person” shall have, but not be limited to, the following responsibilities:

(1)  To make periodic visual inspection of known asbestos containing areas;

(2)  To review past maintenance records;

(3)  To work with the department of health to ascertain and identify asbestos hazards;

(4)  To maintain records of inspections;

(5)  To join with the contractor in working up the specifications of abatement projects;

(6)  To make periodic inspection of abatement procedures and have the right to call in a state inspector if, in the view of the competent person, any provision of this chapter is being violated;

(7)  To alert building occupants and maintenance staff of ongoing abatement project; and

(8)  To review outside contracting work if that work shall affect enclosed or encapsulated asbestos materials.

(c)  Any parent of an occupant of a building or teacher representative may voluntarily become certified as a “competent person.”

(d)  This parent or teacher representative may accompany “competent persons” in their inspection and have full access to their records regarding asbestos.

History of Section.
P.L. 1985, ch. 366, § 1; P.L. 1987, ch. 541, § 1.