Chapter 36-1 Appointment, Qualification, and Tenure of Officers
Chapter 36-2 Power of Officers to Administer Oaths
Chapter 36-3 Division of Personnel Administration
Chapter 36-3.1 Alternative Work Schedules
Chapter 36-4 Merit System
Chapter 36-5 Military Service and Veterans
Chapter 36-6 Salaries and Traveling Expenses
Chapter 36-7 Federal Old-Age and Survivors’ Insurance
Chapter 36-8 Retirement System — Administration
Chapter 36-9 Retirement System — Membership and Service Credits
Chapter 36-9.1 Restricting Membership in Retirement System to Teachers and State Employees
Chapter 36-10 Retirement System — Contributions and Benefits
Chapter 36-10.1 Rhode Island Public Employee Pension Revocation and Reduction Act
Chapter 36-10.2 Pension Protection Act
Chapter 36-10.3 Defined Contribution Retirement Plan
Chapter 36-11 Organization of State Employees
Chapter 36-12 Insurance Benefits
Chapter 36-12.1 Retiree Health Care Trust Fund
Chapter 36-12.2 Medicare Enrollment
Chapter 36-13 Deferred Compensation Plans
Chapter 36-14 Code of Ethics
Chapter 36-14.1 State Vendors Providing Goods or Services to Public Officials
Chapter 36-16 Termination of Employment Contracts
Chapter 36-16.1 State Contractors with Private Employers Providing Service Personnel
Chapter 36-16.2 Quasi Public Corporations — Longevity