(1) The purpose of this chapter is to protect, subject to certain limitations, the persons specified in § 38-29-40(1) against failure in the performance of contractual obligations of certain life, health, and annuity policies, plans, or contracts due to the impairment or insolvency of the member insurer issuing these policies, plans, or contracts.

(2) To provide this protection, an association of member insurers is created to pay benefits and continue coverage in the manner provided for in this chapter and the member insurers are subject to an assessment to provide funds to carry out this purpose.

Terms Used In South Carolina Code 38-29-30

  • Association: means the South Carolina Life and Accident and Health Insurance Guaranty Association created under § 38-29-50. See South Carolina Code 38-29-20
  • Insurer: includes a corporation, fraternal organization, burial association, other association, partnership, society, order, individual, or aggregation of individuals engaging or proposing or attempting to engage as principals in any kind of insurance or surety business, including the exchanging of reciprocal or interinsurance contracts between individuals, partnerships, and corporations. See South Carolina Code 38-1-20