(A) When the commissioner finds, upon investigation, that the distribution in South Carolina of any class of food may, by reason of contamination with microorganisms during manufacturing, processing, or packaging in any locality, be injurious to human health and that the injurious nature cannot be adequately traced back after the articles have entered commerce, he shall promulgate regulations providing for the issuance to manufacturers, processors, or packagers of the class of food in the locality of permits to which must be attached the conditions governing the manufacturing, processing, or packaging of the class of food, for the temporary period of time as may be necessary to protect the public health. After the effective date of the regulations and during the temporary period, a person may not introduce or deliver for introduction into commerce any food manufactured, processed, or packaged by any manufacturer, processor, or packager unless the manufacturer, processor, or packager holds a permit issued by the commissioner as provided by the regulations.

(B) An officer or employee duly designated by the commissioner shall have access to a factory or establishment, the operator of which holds a permit from the Department of Agriculture, for the purpose of ascertaining whether or not the conditions of the permit are being complied with. Denial of access for the inspection is grounds for suspension of the permit until the access is freely given by the owner or operator.