(A) The State Department of Education shall develop a parental involvement program for use in elementary and secondary schools with grades four through eight. The purpose of the program is to improve parental participation in their child’s school progress, ensure a smooth transition between the various levels of schooling and phases of education, increase communication between the school, parent, and child, provide greater accountability between the parent, school, and child, and lessen the possibility on all levels that parents are only provided opportunity to react to problems involving their child after such problems occur.

(B) The parental involvement program should include such activities as regular visitation by parents to their child’s school, involving parents, teachers, and administrators in school training sessions on such issues as communication between the school, parent, and child, student discipline, importance of homework, the taking and understanding of standardized testing and test scores, and general literacy.

(C) Teachers shall maintain a record signed by the parent and teacher of parent conferences annually that identify the date, time, and response of parent/teacher conferences.