Chapter 1 General Provisions
Chapter 2 South Carolina College Investment Program
Chapter 3 State Superintendent of Education
Chapter 4 South Carolina Tuition Prepayment Program
Chapter 5 State Board of Education
Chapter 6 Monitoring Implementation of Education Improvement Program
Chapter 7 Educational Television Commission
Chapter 10 Physical Education, School Health Services, and Nutritional Standards
Chapter 11 Compact for Education
Chapter 13 County Superintendents of Education
Chapter 15 County Boards of Education
Chapter 16 South Carolina Virtual School Program
Chapter 17 School Districts
Chapter 18 Education Accountability Act
Chapter 19 School Trustees
Chapter 20 Education Finance Act of 1977
Chapter 21 State Aid for Schools
Chapter 23 School Buildings and Other School Property
Chapter 24 School Administrators
Chapter 25 Teachers
Chapter 26 Training, Certification and Evaluation of Public Educators
Chapter 27 Interstate Agreement On Qualification
Chapter 28 Parental Involvement in Their Children’S Education
Chapter 29 Subjects of Instruction
Chapter 31 Textbooks
Chapter 32 Comprehensive Health Education Program
Chapter 33 Special Education for Handicapped Children
Chapter 34 Blind Persons’ Literacy Rights and Education
Chapter 35 Kindergartens
Chapter 36 Preschool Programs for Children With Disabilities
Chapter 37 Schools for Eleemosynary Institutions
Chapter 38 South Carolina Education Bill of Rights for Children in Foster Care
Chapter 39 High Schools
Chapter 40 Charter Schools
Chapter 41 Grants to Students Attending Private Schools
Chapter 43 Adult Education Generally
Chapter 44 Community Education
Chapter 45 Home-Study Schools
Chapter 133 Francis Marion University
Chapter 135 Lander College
Chapter 136 Coastal Carolina University
Chapter 139 Early Child Development and Academic Assistance
Chapter 141 National Education Goals
Chapter 142 Students First Financial Resources for Scholarships and Tuition
Chapter 143 Children’S Education Endowment
Chapter 144 Public School Facilities Assistance
Chapter 145 Single-Gender College
Chapter 146 State School Facilities Bonds Act
Chapter 147 Higher Education Revenue Bond Act
Chapter 149 Legislative Incentives for Future Excellence (Life) Scholarships
Chapter 150 South Carolina Education Lottery Act
Chapter 151 South Carolina Lightrail Consortium
Chapter 152 South Carolina First Steps to School Readiness
Chapter 153 Endowment Funds
Chapter 154 Jessica Horton Act
Chapter 155 South Carolina Read to Succeed Act
Chapter 156 Child Early Reading Development and Education Program