§ 27-2-10 System adopted; title
§ 27-2-20 Zone title for use in land descriptions
§ 27-2-30 Plane coordinates for expressing position of point defined
§ 27-2-50 Coordinate System defined
§ 27-2-60 Standards required for recordation; modification to meet local conditions
§ 27-2-70 Use of term “South Carolina Coordinate System” on map
§ 27-2-85 Duties of South Carolina Geodetic Survey
§ 27-2-95 State mapping products to be compatible with coordinate system; establishment of standards; programs
§ 27-2-105 Clarification of county boundaries; role of South Carolina Geodetic Survey; contested case hearings
§ 27-2-110 Reliance on description based on coordinate system not required

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