Chapter 1 State Housing Law
Chapter 3 Housing Authorities Law
Chapter 5 Housing Co-Operation Law
Chapter 6 Tax Increment Financing for Redevelopment Projects
Chapter 7 Tax Increment Financing for Counties
Chapter 9 Improvement to Land by Municipalities
Chapter 10 Community Development Law
Chapter 11 Housing for National Defense Activities
Chapter 12 Redevelopment of Federal Military Installations and Other Defense Sites
Chapter 13 Moderate to Low Income Housing
Chapter 15 Dwellings Unfit for Human Habitation
Chapter 17 Mobile Homes and House Trailers
Chapter 18 Shooting Range Protection Act
Chapter 19 Investments in Housing Obligations
Chapter 21 Fair Housing Law
Chapter 22 William C. Mescher Local Housing Trust Fund Enabling Act
Chapter 23 South Carolina Community Land Trust
Chapter 24 Nuisance Suits Related to Manufacturing and Industrial Uses of Real Property