§ 37-20-110 Definitions
§ 37-20-120 Verification of addresses
§ 37-20-130 Initiating law enforcement investigation of identity theft
§ 37-20-140 Reflection of innocence of identity theft victim of crime committed using name in court records of person convicted of committing identity theft; petition for expedited judicial determination of factual innocence
§ 37-20-150 Records of individuals who have been victims of identity theft to be maintained by State Law Enforcement Division; submission of fingerprints and other required information by victims
§ 37-20-160 Security freezes on consumer files; request for replacement personal identification number or password; consumer reporting agency duties and responsibilities; exceptions
§ 37-20-161 Security freezes by consumer reporting agencies for protected consumers
§ 37-20-170 Disputes as to accuracy of consumer records; penalties for wilful or negligent violations; attorney fees; civil damages and injunctive relief
§ 37-20-180 Restrictions on publication and use of social security numbers; exceptions
§ 37-20-190 Requirements for disposition of business records; exceptions
§ 37-20-200 Penalties imposed on consumer credit-reporting agencies for violation of chapter