Chapter 1 General Provisions; Offenses
Chapter 3 Department and Commissioner of Agriculture
Chapter 5 Agriculture Commission
Chapter 7 Clemson University
Chapter 9 State Crop Pest Commission
Chapter 10 Boll Weevil Eradication
Chapter 11 Pest Control Compact
Chapter 13 Pesticide Control Act
Chapter 15 Agricultural Marketing Generally
Chapter 17 Agricultural Commodities Marketing
Chapter 19 Local Marketing Authorities and Farm Marketing Centers
Chapter 21 Seeds; Plants; Seed and Plant Certification
Chapter 23 Noxious Weeds
Chapter 25 Fertilizers
Chapter 26 Agricultural Liming Materials and Landplaster
Chapter 27 South Carolina Commercial Feed Act
Chapter 29 Cotton
Chapter 30 Tobacco Economy
Chapter 31 Flue-Cured Tobacco
Chapter 33 Shipment and Sale of Trees, Plants and Shrubs
Chapter 35 Neglected or Abandoned Orchards
Chapter 37 Introduction of Honey Bees Into State
Chapter 39 Farmers’ Associations
Chapter 40 Grain Dealers Guaranty Fund
Chapter 41 Dealers and Handlers of Agricultural Products
Chapter 42 Sampling, Grading and Inspection of Grains and Oilseeds
Chapter 45 Nuisance Suits Related to Agricultural Operations
Chapter 49 Supervision and Regulation of Milk and Milk Products
Chapter 50 Southern Interstate Dairy Compact
Chapter 51 Aquaculture Permit Assistance Office
Chapter 53 Agritourism Activity Liability
Chapter 55 Industrial Hemp Cultivation