§ 5-25-1310 Smoke detectors required for one-family and two-family dwellings, including manufactured housing
§ 5-25-1320 Battery-operated detectors permitted in certain existing dwellings
§ 5-25-1330 Responsibility of owner of dwelling to supply and install smoke detectors in rental dwellings and housing; instructions for operation of detectors; notice of deficiencies in detectors; repair or replacement of detector
§ 5-25-1340 Conveyance or transfer of real estate prohibited unless smoke detectors have been installed and are functioning
§ 5-25-1360 Enforcement of article by State Fire Marshal or local fire official
§ 5-25-1370 Penalties for violations of article
§ 5-25-1380 Failure to comply with article does not create cause of action or basis for insurance company to deny coverage

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