§ 38-18-1 Definition of terms
§ 38-18-3 Annual application for registration of apiaries–Contents–Revocation of landowneror lessee’s placement authorization–Approval or rejection of registration–Hearings–Violation as misdemeanor–Civil penalty
§ 38-18-3.1 Minimum distance between apiaries–Beekeepers excepted on own property
§ 38-18-3.3 Identification of apiary–Violation as misdemeanor
§ 38-18-3.4 Abandoned apiary–Destruction, treatment or seizure of bees and equipment
§ 38-18-4 Application for entrance permit–Action by secretary–Failure to apply for permit asmisdemeanor–Civil penalty
§ 38-18-5 Registration fee
§ 38-18-5.1 Apiary fund established–Purpose–Appropriations
§ 38-18-8 Movable frames required in hives–Violation as misdemeanor
§ 38-18-9 Sealing of diseased hives required–Violation as misdemeanor–Additional penalty
§ 38-18-10 Infested colony or apiary as public nuisance–Treatment or destruction of infestedapiaries–Violation as misdemeanor–Additional penalty
§ 38-18-11 Exposure of infected bees or equipment as misdemeanor–Additional penalty
§ 38-18-12 Inspection programs–Employment of personnel–Investigation and control ofdiseases–Movement of bees in and out of state
§ 38-18-13 False information or hindering of enforcement as misdemeanor
§ 38-18-14 Access of departmental personnel to premises and apiaries
§ 38-18-15 Certificate of inspection–Issuance and contents–Certificate of health–Duration–Revocation
§ 38-18-16 Written order by secretary to treat or destroy apiary, regulated pests or exotic bees–Action by secretary if order not obeyed–Secretary authorized to sell salvageableequipment and bees
§ 38-18-16.1 Hearing–Staying of effective date of order–Exception–Affirmation, amendment orrevocation of order
§ 38-18-16.2 Failure to comply with order–Strict liability for costs of destruction
§ 38-18-19 Quarantine of bees, equipment, and premises–Unauthorized removal or handling asmisdemeanor–Continuation until determination by secretary
§ 38-18-20 Written order to place honey house in sanitary condition–Failure to obey asmisdemeanor
§ 38-18-21 Certificate of health or compliance agreement required for bees and used beeequipment imported from another state–Importation without certificate orcompliance agreement as misdemeanor
§ 38-18-23 Certificate of health–Content–Based on actual inspection
§ 38-18-25 Unlawfully imported bees subject to seizure–Destruction or treatment if found to beinfested–Notice of intent to seize–Owner to comply with provisions of this chapteror remove bees from state–Assessments of costs
§ 38-18-26 Certificate of inspection required to transfer ownership of bees or used beeequipment–Copy to recipient of bees–Violation as misdemeanor
§ 38-18-27 Request to enter compliance agreement or for additional inspections by departmentalpersonnel–Fees and expenses
§ 38-18-28 Promulgation of rules by secretary
§ 38-18-28.1 Restriction on movement of bees and related articles from quarantined area–Promulgation of rules
§ 38-18-31 Promotion of honey and by-products
§ 38-18-32 Definitions
§ 38-18-33 Honey industry fund
§ 38-18-34 Administration of honey industry fund–Donation–Expenditures
§ 38-18-35 Promulgation of rules for honey industry fund
§ 38-18-36 Annual honey assessment
§ 38-18-37 Dissemination of information and instruction concerning honey assessment