• (a)

    • Terms Used In Tennessee Code 22-2-201

      (1) The clerk of the circuit court of the county shall be the jury coordinator unless the judge or judges who hold circuit or criminal court in such county appoint someone other than the clerk to serve as the jury coordinator. The jury coordinator, whether it be the clerk or a person appointed by the judges, shall perform all the duties required of the jury coordinator by this title. However, the judges may, in their discretion, distribute the jury coordinator’s duties between the circuit court clerk and an appointed jury coordinator.

    • (2) Before entering upon the duties as jury coordinator, the clerk of the circuit court, or the person filling any separate jury coordinator position, shall take and subscribe, before an officer authorized to administer oaths, the following oath:

      • “I, ____, do solemnly swear or affirm that I will faithfully and impartially discharge the duties imposed upon me as jury coordinator for ____ County to the best of my knowledge and ability; that I will never place the name of any person on the jury list or in the jury box whom I know to be unqualified to serve as a juror, or who has to my knowledge solicited or had others to solicit that the person’s own name be placed on the jury list or in the jury box, so help me God.”
    • (3) If the circuit court clerk serving as jury coordinator becomes ill or is absent for any cause when the jury coordinator’s services are required, the clerk’s deputy may take the oath prescribed for the jury coordinator and thereafter perform the jury coordinator duties in the clerk’s absence. If the jury coordinator is a person other than the circuit court clerk, the circuit court clerk may serve as jury coordinator in the jury coordinator’s absence after taking the required oath.

  • (b) If the judges appoint a person other than the circuit court clerk to serve as jury coordinator, compensation for the jury coordinator shall be set by the legislative body of the county or the legislative body of the metropolitan government of any county having a metropolitan form of government.