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Terms Used In Tennessee Code 7-68-103

  • Contract: A legal written agreement that becomes binding when signed.
  • Local governmental entity: means a governing body, board, commission, committee, department, or law enforcement agency of a municipality, county, or other political subdivision of this state. See Tennessee Code 7-68-102
  • Official: means an agent, employee, member, or representative of a local governmental entity. See Tennessee Code 7-68-102
  • Sanctuary policy: means any directive, order, ordinance, resolution, practice, or policy, whether formally enacted, informally adopted, or otherwise effectuated, that:
    (A) Limits or prohibits any local governmental entity or official from communicating or cooperating with federal agencies or officials to verify or report the immigration status of any alien. See Tennessee Code 7-68-102

No local governmental entity or official shall adopt or enact a sanctuary policy. A local governmental entity that adopts or enacts a sanctuary policy is ineligible to enter into any grant contract with the department of economic and community development until the sanctuary policy is repealed, rescinded, or otherwise no longer in effect.